What Is The Illuminati?

What Is The Illuminati

What Is The Illuminati?

Learn About Worlds Most Powerful Secret Society 2021

As far as secret organizations or cults go, the most well known is probably The Illuminati. Their rumoured membership includes nearly every public figure globally, including Beyonce, Paris Hilton, Bob Baker, Adolf Hitler, and many more. This supposedly powerful cabal organization that has been implicated in the Kennedy assassination, 9/11, Whitney Houston’s death and the Ice Bucket Challenge. It has been said to be pulling the strings that make the world go round.

So, What do we know about Illuminati?

In 1776, a secular college professor in Germany felt ostracized by his Jesuit colleagues and decided to start a society to spread Enlightenment-era ideas.

This action attempted to shift the pro-monarchy, Catholic supremacy movement into a rational activity, and the organization was built.

Illuminati, This is not a new word. Almost all celebrities in the world are included in the rumours in the Illuminati.

You must be thinking what the Illuminati Organization is?

Illuminati is a secret society or a secret cult. Not only Illuminati, but there are also many such societies.

Before 265 BC Ashoka Emporer of Mourya Dynasty Crated a secret society with nine members; It is the worlds first secret society. The agenda of that society is to make Humankind move in a peaceful and non-violence way. But besides having many secret societies such as Skull and Bones, Bilderberg, The Freemasons.

But why did Illuminati became most famous?

How did Illuminati start?

In 1776, Germany there is a place called Bavaria. There used to be a professor named Adam Weishaupt, a college professor who was being ostracized with christ environment decided to enlighten the world around him; and he wanted to join Freemason society. But their ideas didn’t match his thoughts, and it is a bit costly, so he decided to create a new culture and named it Illuminati. Though Adam made a secret society, he decided to make everything personal. When Adam(The founder of Illuminati) gave some nicknames to everyone, including him in the community. The organization decided to create some new cultures and symbols with Jews, Pagans, Women, Cults, and other religious people. The leaders planned to recruit members from every part of the world.

By the year 1784, they have recruited 2500 members, but later their secrecy was no longer kept in the dark, The Illuminati got exposed.

After the exposure of the organization the then. The government banned Illuminati and other secret societies and their documents. But Illuminaties never stopped their program as a cult. They are behind many revolutions like The grate french revolution. Conspiracy theorists have started spreading many rumours about them.

What Is The Illuminati Signs

The Illuminati organization’s most famous symbol is a pyramid with an eye on its top and light behind it. The eye is known as the Eye of Province.

The symbol is mostly seen in the US federal documents and U.S dollars.

By this time, many have started to believe that, Illuminati is behind everything why U.S government printed this on their currency and government-issued documents; it is still unknown to all. But if we look in the other way, many people have started to believe that many TV, Social media, and pop stars are Illuminati members. Those people have started spreading rumours behind the symbol’s meaning, which represents a mighty power instructs from the top, and workers carry those instructions. So initially it means those people who take orders from the organization are the workers who are Illuminati, and the instruction comes from a top are in the form of light.

Hence Illuminati enlightens people and also stones in the Pyramid. Their top symbol carries a phrase called Annuit Coeptis, which means he favours our undertaking. And then God favours our undertaking.

Under the Pyramid, a text says ” Novus Ordo Seclorum ” the text defines new order of the ages, New World Order.

Everything is done with God’s permission, but how the U.S government thought while using this sign is unknown.

Conspiracy theorists still believe that the Illuminati organization is behind the U.S government. Also, many Hollywood movies have featured the Illuminati symbol.

Illuminati’s Presence World Wide

Illuminati members are known for controlling the scene from behind the canvas; they are responsible for the world’s biggest events and tragedies. Illuminati members love to dominate their people by ordering if someone denies obeying their orders, then it’s the end of their lives.

Illuminati members don’t often gather in public places, or if they do, they keep a very good low profile. So literally people never notice them on the spot plotting plan over the world. This covert cult works with the shadows you can’t imagine how dangerous they can be. Illuminati controls socio-economic strategies all over the world. Whether a natural disaster comes, it’s their call how the government of that country will react. Illuminati has grate ties with the U.S government. However, the US is currently the most powerful country globally, so it’s easy for the organization to create influence using the united states government into a sovereign land anywhere in the world.

What is the illuminati yahoo

Illuminati members have the best resources of wealth, power and technology in the world; they can cause intervein any national problems and consult to find a solution. Illuminati members have a different theory to run the world in their own way.

They like to complete their agenda no matter what happens. If someone tries to make their plans fails the either take them into their cabal or make them go away.

It’s hard to find out what are they thinking and what is worthy of their doing, the leaders of the organization have everything planned before you, and I can even imagine about it.

The Illuminati is in every part of the world; they can go on such lengths, which is beyond our league. Their secrecy is just for accomplishing international agenda and taking the world in the way to enlightenment.

However, who are the current members of these organizations and where and how it’s still working is unknown. Different theorists still relate incidents and public figures with the cult, and it has become a wild goose chase.

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