what is the illuminati?


Certainly, various movies and books like Ron Howard’s Angels & Demons and more cause repercussion and bring a question to mind! Who are the Illuminati? To give you an exact idea, the movies or books are sometimes frictional and written with an artistic license including imaginary facts. With this in mind, today we will go for this topic that is backed up by the facts and history itself!


A bit of history:

The Illuminati was a dreadfully secret society that was founded by Adam Weishaupt in late 1776. The phrase Illuminati points to the “Bavarian Illuminati”. Adam Weishaupt was a German law professor who maintained firmly new goals, and his followers are asked to develop those beliefs among social elites. However, at the same time, America’s founding fathers build a new and compact United States. Adam wanted to manipulate as well as instruct Illuminati members in a way thus they can carry a secular value so that they may influence the new country and political conclusions when they proceeded to power.

Illuminati members were strictly freethinkers and politically minded with no particular concern in science. However, to achieve their goal, they recruited some elite members of the society including philosophers and scientists. Some suggest, the secret society only operated for only 1776 to 1785, yet some hidden clues and hype state something different.


The philosophy of the Illuminati:

The Illuminati’s aims and philosophy oftentimes overshadowed their means limits. At first, the group consists of six or nine ambitious fellows. Moreover, even at its pick time, it only consisted of approximately 650 to 2500 core members. But the group developed silently with sleeper cells within other aspects of the society. The Illuminati brothers enrolled Freemason to recruit members for enriching their secret society. Historically speaking, they have main Illuminati propaganda with their odd rituals.


The core members were very psychotic and obsessive to keep total secrecy. For that reason, they have used covert protocols to grasp identity secret from one another. They promoted a different political worldview that sounded Enlightenment ideas like rational thought plus self-rule, anti-royal and Anti-clerical. The Illuminati were more confidential to rebels than world rulers because they endeavored to infiltrate and later overthrown the present government or similar societies.  Powerful and well-known Christian societies also face their rage and suffered from many losses.

Illuminati symbols:

The Illuminati used many unusual and interesting symbols and artifacts. They do that to avoid identifications and properly divided the ranks. The complicated hierarchies like Illuminated Minerval, Minerval, or Novice, etc. are used to identify different ranks of the society. Symbols like ambigram, pentagram, owl, etc. are rapidly used in their letters, document markings, and sometimes they are hidden in some form in different artifacts. They adopted this way of running the society to avoid any red eyes from the Vatican or the new American government or other governments.

Conspiracy theories:

The all-seeing eye or the ‘The Eye of Providence’ in the 1 dollar American note and other Conspiracy theories like ‘New World Order’ is a hotcake for long. The darker and more violent Illuminati concept is not a matter of joke if you consider different unexplained international incidents. It is said that all of the governments and all the big power nations are infiltrated by the Illuminati sleeper cells and when the time is right or when they gain enough power, they will show themselves. The French Revolution caused a tide of immigrants where the Illuminati society finds ways of another enlightenment, atheism, and revolution in the country. No matter you buy the concept of Illuminati conspiracy or not, no one can deny that it is a modern world’s one of the common and popular theories and maybe a still existing society out there presently.


The Illuminati members are not just a brotherhood of imperfect peoples, they are smart, educated, rich, and hold top positions in different fields secretly. Today the name ‘Illuminati’ represents a picture of the unseen and ‘a bit of’ imagined threats and spurious connections played out for some personal and geopolitical propaganda. The superpowers are always trying to rule the poor countries by fear and panic. Maybe now what we need is a group of smart people who can think freely and take political decisions without thinking about self profit and do something for the humanities!