How to join the illuminati?

How to join the illuminati?

Certainly, the concept of a secret society and other aspects are more exciting than having a love affair. If you are a member of an old renowned society like the Illuminati, then it will be much pleasurable. Bu the thing is- the process of joining the official Illuminati, it’s a bit at the unknown side. No one really has the idea of how to do that. For that, we are trying to make a different stand with it.


What is a secret society or Illuminati?

As the word secret suggests- a secret society is a band of people hidden beneath the normal one. The Illuminati was an undivided secret society that was endowed by a German law professor identified as Adam Weishaupt in late 1776. At first, there are a few peoples from the higher ranks of the society gathered with their different political points of view and geopolitics. In history, the Illuminati only stayed active for only 1776 to 1785. But with different indications like ‘the eye’ in the USA one dollar bill plus some other hidden evidence, we are sure- the  Illuminati still exists and they are recruiting members too.

The members:

When Adam Weishaupt founded this secret society, he only selected the elite ones. These highly influential peoples are strong and had deep political connections. After some time, they spread the motto of the Illuminati to others, thus they can form a guild of legions. To join the most reserved association and represent a remarkably satisfying position in the Illuminati, you also needed to be a special one. The offerings needed to join this society could be very sensitive at first, then you should be habituated by that. In simple words, if you are the one, who can contribute to them, they will take you in.

How to join:

The Illuminati are searching for smart, pathfinders, inciters, luminaries, agitators, trailblazers person who can guide humankind to participating via thoughtful, compassionate, and kindness. If you are that person, then surely you have some activities showing on your online profiles. If you are a smart person, who has the ability to influence others, then you are the right person to them. I am not talking about Instagram fake influencers, who just post paid-things on the internet. I am talking about the real deal. Believe it or not, the Illuminati is always watching us.  If you are transforming the human to optimum mammalian trends to bring peace among conflicts and have strong political knowledge and experience, you do have a chance surely.

Where to join:

On the web or the internet, many websites are claiming to be official Illuminati, but they are not. The same is applicable for the different social media accounts likewise. The Illuminati remains hidden and acts like a parasite who can damage or grow in the host anytime they want. For security reasons, they always use secret customs to hide their identity from one another, why they need to own an official website? The reality is, the recruiting team from this secret society is watching right now.

They will find you if you possess the ability and understanding to be a component of their prestigious secret society. What you are doing on the internet always has a footprint. This digital footprint is you and represents all of your works. So, if they think you have the material to be a part of the Illuminati, then they will contact you. So, keep doing things in the right way, the way of the Illuminati will lead to your doorstep.


As mentioned earlier, there are lots of fake accounts and scammers are ready to take your money as a joining fee. Sometimes they have a group who can work as a team to manipulate you; thus you believe them. To join the secret society, you don’t need to pay any one-time fee or annual subscription. They demand a lot more than that. Scammers will act as a recruiter for the Illuminati and try to convince you to pay the minimum fee to join.

Sometimes they offer you a small and handsome fee for a lifetime membership, yet that’s not the way of the Illuminati. The Illuminati is a pathfinder for the society who try to move the earth with their cultivated and mixed power. The illuminati can change the government in a week if they wish to. They are very powerful people hidden with us. Your money isn’t needed; they have all the assets they need. All they need is you- considering you are worthy!

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